Don’t CHASE the business!

Jan, 1

A common mistake that most manufacturers commit is to showcase only their products and services while targeting new business. However, such a unidimensional approach only tends to further the gap between a manufacturer and its potential customer. In today’s world, there is an overabundance of options available for a customer. The differences between these alternatives are rather handful and thus while one manufacturer sees unprecedented growth, other witnesses a downward trend.

We at Synergy Intercontinental Business Consultancy (SIBC) believe in chasing customers problems and not business. Yes, it sounds different but that’s what makes our organization and our clients unique and successful in the long run. When we talk to any potential fortune 500 company to introduce our manufacturing clientele we don’t showcase client’s capabilities, operations efficiency, sales numbers or their delivery and quality performance. Instead we share our experience of how our manufacturing client helped their existing companies with their problems and have been more of a solution provider than only a product supplier. We then close the meeting by asking these prospect companies their top 5 problems and where can our manufacturer help their organization in solving them! That’s it and a relationship based on value and long term solution provider is generated.

This first introduction meeting may end with no enquiry for business or any request for quotations (RFQ’s). But when the same company needs solution to their problem our client will be on top of their mind and will lead to an enquiry for a potential business opportunity.

We have many success stories where we initiated business meetings where our manufacturing client just shared the possibility of solving a company’s existing problem and then for next 6 months there was not a single business enquiry. And now 2 year down the line, our client is considered as the GO TO manufacturer for their business solution with a long-term business growth strategy.

Hence, our suggestion to all the manufacturers out there, don’t make your products and performance as the only marketing tool for your company. Instead, build your organization with a mission to solve customers’ problem and positive attitude in each employee to walk that extra mile and solve it. There are many manufacturers who can make the same product and give same services with same quality and delivery performance. But it’s the attitude and problem solving value that the customer will look for and remember you in long run.

Remember, CHASE problems not business!

Grow Your Business with Synergy Intercontinental Business Consultancy

Sept, 15

In this cut-throat competition in the business world, various multinational firms are looking for different opportunities to broaden their horizon and expand their business in different countries. The process, in actual, is a daunting one but the selection of the right business consultancy firm can come in handy to remove the hassles that might come in the way of expansion. Among the plethora business consultancy firms, Synergy Intercontinental Business Consultancy (SIBC) has certainly stands-out due to various reasons. SIBC is created with a mission to market products of various small-scale Indian manufacturers and to create a global footprint for them. Furthermore, SIBC provides services to OEMs to not only grow and expand their business but also helps them to lower their manufacturing cost and to improve their product quality. Let’s have an in-depth look at the premium services provided by SIBC which makes it one of the most preferred business consultancy firms in India!.

Enter the International Market

If your company is high flyer in domestic market and would like to tread into international market, SIBC is the name you should trust on! SIBC has the knowledge and expertise to make your business flourish internationally. Armed with rich experience in supply chain, project management, supplier development and many more niche fields SIBC will make your business flourish internationally.

Grow in the International Market

If your business is very successful in India but isn’t doing as great in international market, talk to SIBC! We understand that you are heavily burdened fire-fighting issues to ensure smooth operations of domestic business and there is just not enough time or effort remaining to focus elsewhere. We will help you manage your international customers and also take care of your other international business needs such as export business marketing, sales management, vendor management and much more.

Stay in Internatinal Market

High-Quality Products at Low Cost

The key for a successful run of an OEM is to produce higher quality products at lower possible cost. It may sound to be a difficult task to accomplish but availing the expert services provided by SIBC can help you to achieve this feat!

Whether you are selling a product or service, effectively managing customers make for one of the major factors of success. Your customers deserve all your focus as they are responsible for bringing in the money you are making hence effective CRM has become the need of the hour. Contact SIBC for getting the most professional and effective CRM services that will help you in maintaining long-term profitable relations with your customers. To cut the long story short, SIBC has become the ultimate choice of entrepreneurs whether they want to establish a new business in India or expand their horizon in other countries. Contact SIBC now if you want to avail the golden opportunities to grow your business by leaps and bounds.

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